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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Many women think and accept that period pain is a normal part of menstruation and compensate by taking painkillers or curl up into a foetus position cuddling a hot water bottle, wishing the pain away 😫

Period pain is common in this day and age but by no means is it normal!

The good news is it is possible to experience pain-free menstruation without the need for pain killers or going on “the pill” (often a band-aid solution to mask the underlying issue). A Naturopaths mission is to discover the ROOT cause that is leading to period pain 🕵️‍♀️

Period pain can be due to an increase of inflammatory prostaglandins (PgE2) which is a hormone like chemical that circulates in the body causing inflammation, constricting blood vessels and contracting uterine muscles. The high levels of PgE2 leads to menstrual cramps which is medically known as dysmenorrhoea aka painful periods.

Causes of increased PgE2 can be due to: >Poor quality diet full of processed foods >Alcohol intake >Sugar intake >High stress levels >Excess weight >Lack of exercise >Exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals >Poor gut and liver function >And much more! A Naturopath can help guide you to make positive and long-term changes in your life via diet, lifestyle and appropriate tailored herbal medicines/supplements to balance your hormones->saying GOODBYE to unwanted period cramps! 😀🎉

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