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Lets Talk About PMS!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Have you ever found yourself snapping at a loved one or even a complete stranger and had no idea where it came from? Feeling irritable and emotional with mood swings are common symptoms of PMS! PMS is a sign that hormonal imbalances may be occurring in your body which most commonly is due to EXCESS OESTROGEN. This may be due to an impairment of your body’s ability to break down, metabolise and detoxify oestrogen.

What causes excess oestrogen in your body? Excess Oestrogen may be due to nutrient deficiencies, liver congestion, poor gut health, disrupting endocrine chemicals (such as TOXIC beauty and cleaning products) and stress! As a Naturopath my passion is to teach you how to say GOODBYE to unwanted hormone imbalances and address all the factors that may be contributing to your menstrual cycle.

ALL women deserve to be empowered to reclaim their period health and feel on top of the world! Are you curious about what type of hormonal imbalance you are experiencing? Contact me to book a consult to dive deeper into your hormonal and period health!

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