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Natural ways to clear up Acne!

Acne can be extremely frustrating and exhausting when trying to clear up! I get it because I went through a rough stage of chin/jawline acne in my 20s. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ and will communicate the message to you that there is an imbalance occurring from within the body that needs addressing? The good news is that acne can be your positive motivator to shift into healthy lifestyle habits that you can embrace for the rest of your life- how empowering! ⁠

First, let’s look at some of the reasons why your skin may be breaking out with acne:⁠ • Hormonal imbalances⁠ • Increased androgens⁠ • Progesterone-related acne⁠ • Estrogen-related acne⁠ • Excess production of sebum⁠ • Post-pill acne⁠ • Impaired skin shedding⁠ • Poor gut health and dysbiosis⁠ • Blood sugar imbalance⁠ • Stress ⁠ • Poor diet high in sugar, dairy, processed foods and low in nutrients⁠ • Nutrient deficiencies in zinc, omega 3 essential fatty acids, vitamin D⁠ • Poor lymphatic movement⁠ You may feel overwhelmed when reading all of these possible reasons why acne is present however these imbalances can be supported through diet, lifestyle and natural medicine!⁠

Investigating your acne!

To address and diminish your acne, it is important to identify the underlying root cause! It is vital to analyse the timings, patterns and potential acne triggers and when necessary to perform appropriate testing.

Careful health and history case taking along with testing investigations allows a clear understanding of what the root driving cause of your acne is and helps your Naturopath to create an individualised treatment plan, completely tailored to you to clear up your skin!

My top 5 health tips for acne:

1. Eliminate Dairy! Especially avoid A1 cow’s diary as this drives inflammation in acne.

2. Reduce refined sugar and refined carbohydrates (do not stop eating fruit in the whole form as this contains low-dose fructose and skin-supporting vitamins/minerals!)

3. Supplement with zinc* to support skin integrity and hormonal balance.

4. Increase sources of omega-3 fatty acids* to reduce inflammation of the skin and strengthen the integrity of skin membranes.

5. Meditate daily! Stress drives inflammation and inflammation drives acne. Meditating helps to down-regulate the stress response and it aids in strengthening your connection to your body knowing that it is on your side on your health journey.

How can a Naturopath support me?

If you are someone who suffers from acne it is worth speaking to a Naturopath to investigate the root cause and receive individualised support on your health journey. Often combining dietary changes with specific individualised supplements/herbs can aid in clearing up the skin and resolving acne.

*It is important to consult your Naturopath or Doctor before taking any herbal medicines or supplements.

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