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Breast Tenderness and Iodine Deficiency!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Breast tenderness is a symptom linked to iodine deficiency. Optimal levels of iodine intake assists in healthy oestrogen metabolism and helps to balance oestrogen-sensitive tissues (such as the breast) due to the anti-oestrogen effects on the body. Vegetarians and vegans need to pay careful attention to consuming adequate sources of iodine and I often see this missing in many of my client’s diets in clinic.

Plant based sources of iodine include: 🌿 Seaweed and kelp (be aware that kelp contains Bromine that may prevent the uptake of iodine in the body) 🌿 Leafy greens and mushrooms (must be grown on rich soil) 🌿 Iodized sea salt

Alternatively you may require an iodine supplement however, please consult a naturopath or nutritionist in case you have an underlying thyroid condition, as high levels of iodine can trigger an autoimmune thyroid response. I personally love to snack on a couple of organic seaweed sheets daily to get in my iodine intake 😋

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