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The Birth Control Pill Depletes Key Nutrients!

Did you know that the birth control pill depletes these nutrients?

Approximately 33.6% of women who use contraception in Australia use oral contraceptive birth control pills, with a large proportion starting from early adolescence.

Research has shown that oral contraceptive pill may contribute to malabsorption of folic acid, vitamins B2, B6, B12, C, E, minerals magnesium, zinc and selenium.

These are important key nutrients required for many biochemical pathways that are involved with energy, immunity, reproductive, endocrine and nervous systems. A Naturopath will explore ways to boost your nutrient intake via food sources in your diet and/or prescribe nutraceutical supplementation ♀️ 📃Research papers: PMID: 23852908, 27348598, 24067390

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