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Understanding Anxiety!

Stress and anxious feelings are natural human responses when feeling under pressure or when in dangerous situations however, these feelings usually pass once the “stressor” has been removed and the stressful situation has passed. Anxiety is a condition when anxious feelings do not go away making it more difficult to cope and deal with everyday life. Anxiety is one of my special interests in clinical practice as it is one of the most common mental health conditions in Australia affecting one in four people!

There are many ways to help manage anxiety through natural and conventional medicine as well as counselling/psychology in order to get support. Naturopathically when it comes to anxiety our goal is to uncover what is driving your anxiety and if possible remove the cause! The following factors can drive anxiety or worsen your symptoms: ▪️Nutritional deficiencies of protein, B vitamins, zinc, magnesium and a diet high in refined/processed carbohydrates and sugars ▪️Caffeine stimulation ▪️High stress levels ▪️Disturbed sleep and poor sleeping patterns ▪️Hormone imbalances ▪️Digestive issues such as malabsorption, IBS, dysbiosis ▪️Parasites and infections ▪️Toxicity ▪️Pyrrole disorder (Pyroluria) ▪️Impaired Thyroid function ▪️And Much more!

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